The Food & Grocery Division manages several key international brands widely recognized as category leaders.  Brands include:

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CGA products range from consumer packaged margarines to industrial baking and frying fats and are used by bakers and fast food franchises throughout the region. Many of the edible oils, and margarine products used by CGA come from digestible coconut oil pressed from copra. CGA’s most familiar brands of edible oils include Nariel, and Simply Natural Coconut Oil. Marigold is the flagship brand of CGA’s consumer margarine category. It’s been one of their most successful brands for over 40 years. They also do an extensive range of wrapped and tub margarines and shortenings that are distributed all over the Caricom Region. CGA also carries a variety of exceptional soaps that have been an integral part in many homes for decades. Their best known bath soaps include the luxurious D’OR, the energizing antibacterial Duet range and the moisturizing Every line.

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