In fostering a passion for growth, Brydens has been actively building mutually beneficial partnerships with our Hardware & Housewares customer base for over 50 years. We operate in a very complex market typified by a network structure of distributors and parallel importers. With competition being the name of the game, maintaining strong relationships with both our customers and suppliers is critical.

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When you buy a Fluidmaster valve for your toilet repairs you’re getting the finest valve in the world, made by the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet parts. Founded in 1957, Fluidmaster is based on innovation, quality and functionality and with its popularity with plumbers and do-it-yourselfers; Fluidmaster has manufactured parts for nearly all toilet tank problems. Top Manufacture’s rely on Fluidmaster to add value to their products. It’s no wonder why Fluidmaster sells more tank replacement parts than any other in the world!

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