Our Premium Beverages Division’s strategic mission is to build a portfolio of the world’s leading premium and trendsetting brands. Across spirits categories and wine regions, the portfolio offers all that a connoisseur’s heart could desire.

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KWV Wines

KWV Wines are crafted with extraordinary skill and dedication, keeping our vision in mind – to ensure that every vintage is better than the last, constantly offering a rewarding experience.
Working closely with our grape growers, our viticulturists are part of the complete process – from vineyard establishment to harvest. Our winemakers visit the vineyards regularly to familiarise themselves with the terroir and the fruit, and new areas are constantly targeted to ensure that the grapes we use fit the stylistic direction of the range.

Available in:

  • Red: Cab Sauv, Pinotage, Merlot (75cl)
  • White: Chenin Blanc (75cl)
  • Rosé: Shiraz Rosé (75cl)

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