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Beehive Premium French Brandy


BEEHIVE (1852) is developed by the Adet & Curcier families.

In exchange for the wool imported from Australia in France, BEEHIVE was first exported throughout East Africa, the Indian subcontinent through South East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, China, all the way down to Australia and New Zealand.

BEEHIVE is a bridge between French Brandy and Cognac.

A quality capitalised on its unique and exceptional history, throughout the world since 1852, BEEHIVE is the iconic French Brand with a strong and unique identity.

Tasting notes

BEEHIVE VSOP's first palate is incredibly soft, with subtle notes of dried fruits, wood and vanilla. The finish is long and rounded.

Available In:

20cl, 35cl, 50cl, 50cl PET, 70cl and 100cl

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