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Glenmorangie selects the finest oak casks to mature their whisky. But they only use each cask twice for Original (whilst many others use a cask up to five or six times), ensuring that the maximum amount of flavour is always extracted during maturation, delivering a rounder, smoother taste.

Glenmorangie's stills are the tallest in Scotland. Their long copper necks stand at 16 feet which means that only the very lightest and purest vapuors make it to the top, giving a smoother, more elegant whisky.

Selection Available:

  • Glenmorangie: The Original
  • Glenmorangie: Lasanta
  • Glenmorangie: Quinta Ruban
  • Glenmorangie: Nectar D'Or
  • Glenmorangie: 18 Years Old

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