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Helados Bon Ice Cream joined the Nutresa Group in 2011, a company specialized in food investments in Latin America. Bon is produced in Dominican Republic and has a mission to provide happiness, nutrition and magical experiences through passionate and innovative people; contributing to sustainable development. The product range includes the following: Pre Packed Ice Cream available in Pints (473ml), Quarts (946ml) and 1 Gallon. Mini Cups – Pre packed ice cream cups (3.5oz). Popsicles – Refreshing fruit based flavored popsicles. Choco Crema – Delicious combination of chocolate coated milk bars. Fudge Bar – Smooth cream bars. Ice Cream Sandwich – Great chocolate cookies filled with a delicious ice cream. Fruit Bars – Made from real fruit pulp, rich taste of your favorite fruit in a delicious and healthy ice cream bar. Fruit Covered – A refreshing and creamy combination of a vanilla bar, covered with fruits.

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