Energizer ‘Tis the Season to be powered’ Contest Rules & Regulations

Terms and Conditions of the contest

“Tis the Season to be Powered”

Participants must read and fully understand the full Terms & Conditions described below (hereinafter, the “Terms”) before submitting their data and participating in the TIS THE SEASON TO BE POWERED contest (hereinafter, the “Contest”). Review and acceptance of these Terms is a precondition for participation.

The Contest is organized by ENERGIZER BRANDS, LLC (the “Sponsor”) and BRYDENS & SONS LIMITED (together the “Organizers”) and calls for all individuals 18 (eighteen) years old and older to participate in the Contest (hereinafter the “Participant / s). The Contest will come into effect at [00:00 hs. -] on November 15th, 2020 and will expire at [23:59hs.-] hrs. on December 31st 2020 (the “Promotional Period”). The Contest is valid only in Trinidad and Tobago (the “Geographic Scope”).

Participation in this Contest is subject to the Terms, which shall be unappealable and considered to be known and accepted by participation. To participate in the contest, Participants must purchase TTD$25.00 or more in Energizer® Brand products, complete entry form located at the checkout counter and place entry form into entry box located within the participating stores. It is expressly clarified that Facebook and/or Instagram do not sponsor, endorse, or otherwise administer the Contest, nor is it associated with it. By participating in the Contest, Participants acknowledge and accept that fact.

1. – The Participants: Only natural persons, who are 18 (eighteen) years old and older at the time of participating and are legally living within the Geographic Area (the “Geographic Scope”), can participate in the Contest. Under no circumstances may ascendants, descendants, spouses, and relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity of the partners of the Organizers participate, as well as those who work under a relationship of dependency and/or as hired.

This Contest will be made up of seven (7) random draws over the seven (7) week period one (1) draw per week) where the participants have a chance to win one (1) of seven (7) laptops (the “Prize”). Participants can only win once during the Promotional Period.

2.- Participation: The Contest is made up of seven (7) prizes to be won. Participants must purchase TTD$25.00 or more in Energizer® Brand products complete entry form located at the checkout counter and place entry form into entry box located within the participating stores.

There will be one (1) winner per week (the “Winner”).

In cases where there is no valid Participant, the Prize will be awarded the following week, as long as it is during the Promotional Period, where two (2) Winners will be selected.

3-The Prize: The Prize package for this Contest, consist of (Seven (7) Laptops one (1) each to be won weekly during the promotion period.

4 .- Awarding of the Prize: The Winners will be contacted via mobile phone contact which will be retrieved from the entry forms located at checkout counters at participating stores.

5.- If any of the Winners do not comply with the requirements established in these Terms, they will be automatically disqualified, without any right to the Prize, claim or compensation. Fulfilling the requirements set in these Terms as a condition of the assignment of the Prize, the Prize will be immediately assigned by the Organizers to the Winners. Those who accept participating in the Contest are solely responsible for the truthfulness of their statements and the identity invoked. The omission or falsity of the information will make the Winner lose his/her status as such and the Prize in question without having the right to claim compensation and without this generating any kind of responsibility to the Organizers.

6.-Any attempt or method of participation in the Contest made by any process, technique, or mechanics of involvement other than those detailed in these Terms, or by resorting to practices or conduct that violate the spirit and essence of the Contest determined by the Organizers, is prohibited and will be void. The use of techniques of a robotic, repetitive, automatic, programmed, mechanized, or similar nature will lead to the cancellation of all registrations made by the Participant. Likewise, any Participant who uses fraudulent mechanisms or techniques or any other form of deceitful and/or malicious participation in the Contest will be automatically disqualified, as long as they can be detected via reasonable methods by the Organizers.

7 .- The Organizers are not responsible for any expense, expenditure, damage or injury of any kind that may be suffered by the Winner and/or Participants and/or third parties, in their persons or property, on the occasion of or in connection with their participation in the Contest and the use of the Prize.

8 .- The Organizers have the right to publish the data provided in this Contest on their websites, and social networks. The Organizers may include the names and photos of the Contest Winners.

9.- The Contest Terms can be consulted during the Promotional Period by clicking on the link.

10 .- When circumstances not attributable to the Organizers are not provided for in these Terms that constitute unforeseen circumstances, the Organizers may suspend, cancel or modify the Contest and/or its Terms.