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Claytons Kola Tonic

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Claytons is a unique and exotic, Caribbean made tonic, originally created by the Claytons brothers in England circa 1880. They brought back KOLA NUTS from West Africa and blended them, along with other exotic ingredients, to create Claytons Kola Tonic.

The KOLA NUT is said to provide energy, stamina, a feeling of wellbeing, to aid digestion, and is widely claimed to revive the body from a variety of ailments. The nut contains natural caffeine as well as theobromine (“food of the gods”) – also found in cocoa and chocolate.

This NON-ALCOHOLIC tonic is an invigorating drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of combinations: on its own, over ice; with alcohol (as a chaser) or in a mix with non-alcoholic sodas or juices- endless combinations await with this refreshing, historical tonic.

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