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In 1769, Alexander Gordon founded his world famous distillery in the Southwark area of London. He went on to lay the foundations for the creation of the style of gin for which the English became renowned. Happily, the exacting standards which Alexander Gordon set are maintained to this day. Gordon's® is triple distilled to guarantee the purity of the gin, and the exact blend of our botanicals has remained a closely guarded secret.


Gordon's® contains juniper berries, carefully selected from the pick of each year's crop. These are gently shaken from the tree and then stored for two years to intensify the oils and mellow the flavours. The strength of the juniper gives Gordon's the classic gin taste.

As well as juniper berries our recipe includes coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice, orris root, orange and lemon peel. Coriander gives the dry and citrus taste (rather than lemon or orange peel that gives a blunt and overpowering taste in many other gins). Angelica is the magic ingredient that ties together the other botanicals to give a long and complex flavour.

Gordon's & Tonic, Anyone?

Gin & tonic dates back to the days of the British Empire in India. After a hard day in the saddle under the baking sun, British officers would look forward to the cooler hours after sunset, when essential socialising could be done. Of course, sunset is when malaria-carrying mosquitoes are at their most troublesome. The British had discovered that quinine was useful in combating malaria, though its flavour left a little to be desired. Gin took away the foul taste of the quinine, and so the two were drunk together as the sun went down. The gin & tonic was born.

Please remember to drink Gordons Responsibly

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