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Nicholson's story starts from William Thomas Nicholson who developed the idea for industrial file making in 1856. He had designed and patented various products and began thinking about industrial files, but those thoughts were put on hold as the Civil War interrupted his plans. On April 5, 1864 William Thomas Nicholson successfully patented his first file cutting machine. The Nicholson File Company, was founded in 1864 in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 1893 and the son of William Thomas Nicholson, Col. Samuel Mowry Nicholson took over the company until 1904. Whereas the founder was a pioneer in the science of cutting files by machinery, Colonel Nicholson was a pioneer exporter of files and as a result Nicholson Files are to be found in every market of the world.

In 1977 Nicholson and Cooper aquire 50% of "Empresa Andina de Herramientas S.A." in Cali, Colombia. They manufactured files, screwdrivers, chisels and shovels. Then in 1986 "Empresa Andina de Herramientas S.A." starts manufacturing Bi-Metal™ Hacksaw blades under the Atkins® and Nicholson® brands in Cali, Colombia facility. In 2014 Nicholson celebrated 150 years of making the leading brand of files. Today, the company offers high quality saws and files that will meet all your individual needs.

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