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Marques de Casa Concha

From the moment the passionate winemaker, Marcelo Papa, took charge of Marques de Casa Concha in 1999, his vitality prompted a renaissance in the brand – without compromising its classical style – and achieved precisely what the Chilean wine industry needed: modern wines full of character that could open foreign markets for Chilean ultra premium offerings.

His wines, always over the 90-point barrier, have attracted numerous domestic and international awards attest to remarkable winemaking and the tremendous coverage Concha y Toro earns.

According to international critics, his greatest feat is managing to deliver a personal seal through his wines; obtaining very high scores that are proof of his ability to make wines of great personality with a real sense of origin that convey quality and character.
Marques de Casa Concha has become one of the most solidly consistent wines in its segment and has attracted international acclaim year after year.

Available in:

  • Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

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