Our Premium Beverages Division’s strategic mission is to build a portfolio of the world’s leading premium and trendsetting brands. Across spirits categories and wine regions, the portfolio offers all that a connoisseur’s heart could desire.

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Sperone products are made using the modern viticulture practices, producing the finest Sparkling Wines with the highest standards that merit the Sperone signature style. Sperone is the no. 1 Italian sparkling wine brand in Latin America and one of the top selling brands in the Caribbean.

Available in

  • Sperone Chill White
  • Sperone Chill Rosé
  • Sperone Asti
  • Sperone Prosecco
  • Sperone Moscato White
  • Sperone Moscato Rosé
  • Sperone Celebration Brut
  • Sperone Celebration Demi Sec
  • Sperone Celebration Rosé


  • Sperone Moscato Rosé
  • Sperone Prosecco

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