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Marchesi Antinori

The Antinori family has been involved in the production of wine for over six centuries, ever since, in 1385, Giovanni di Piero Antinori entered as a member, the “Arte Fiorentina”, the Winemakers’ Guild of the city of Florence.

Each and every vintage, each and every separate area, each and every idea which is to be put into practice is a new beginning, a new search for higher quality standards. As Marquis Piero Antinori likes to repeat: “Ancient roots play an important role in our work, but have never been a limit to our innovative spirit”.

The Marchesi Antinori firm expresses its passion for viticulture by a constant search for even the smallest areas for quality improvement. For this reason, continuous experiments go forward both in the vineyards and in the cellars, before their commercial release for the bottled wines as well.

The Antinori family has been part, ever since its foundation, of the PFV, the “Premium Familiae Vini”, an informal association of winemaking houses which belong to families. PFV goes beyond geographical boundaries and sustains a common unifying principle: that of the ownership of vineyards and the production of wine as a family activity to maintain and refine – just like a great wine – over time.

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